Team GOT packed up and headed out to the Pine Ridge MC Ranch Monday July 18 for some team down time.   The kids and adults have been training hard all year, and deserved some down time before the racing season starts up again at the end of August.  With the lush pool, arcade saloon, several tracks, miles of trails, and hot freshly prepared food, the Pine Ridge MC Ranch was the clear option. 

Taking a dive in the pool fresh off a trail ride was the trend of the week, sometimes even fully geared.  Team GOT realized that none of the riders have a future in pool, but it didn’t stop us from having tournaments every night during appetizer time.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were promptly served every 4 hours, and most importantly, they fallowed our CrossFit meal plan to a T. 

The fun never stopped throughout our entire stay, and we left excited to return as soon as we could.   We’re refreshed and ready to get back to CrossFit Santa Cruz and get back to training before the race series starts back up.  Time is running out to get in shape so come out and train with the team.  
Review By: The Team GOT Retreat, Friday July 22, 2011

PineRidge Ranch dual Sport.... *Well organized *Good Food *Awesome Riding!! Great way to enjoy an Off-Road adventure without the stress of planning all the logistics Steve, Kim and Crew just make it fun!!
Review By: Kelly Knipe....District 36 A-Senior

Riding dirt bikes without cooking, dishes, a fire all day! Oh my, what more could I ask for! Being able to tell the kids not to walk farther that they could walk back was wonderfull. The relaxing family atmosphere is second to none. Thanks Kim and Steve for being such wonderful hosts to both our passions and our family.
Review By: Chris S.

The entire family had such a wonderfull time at the Ranch. The kids played, fed chickens, pet horses, and the 9 year old learned how to ride for the first time! I went on a ride with the local pro to get me prepaired for my race the following weekend. What a great training run that was, helped me hone my skills and be ready to go. Thanks for all your hospitality! We cant wait to go back.
Review By: Zip S.

"The food is great, loved the creek the best. Would like to come up for a week in summer."
Review By: Juliette

Great place and we all had a good time. We will definitely be back next year.
Review By: Mark and Denise

I enjoyed playing with chickens and getting fresh eggs for breakfast. Learning how to ride was great! Can I get a 100 now?
Review By: Sidney (9 year Old)

I love Kim, and the chickens were fun!
Review By: Grayson (6 year old)